How we develop websites


As for everybody, our main technology is HTML5 and CSS3. We make our websites cross-platform and adaptive to any types of displays with different resolutions. But we don’t stop at this point, we make our websites smooth and animated. We use Java Script for it. Our websites are always bright and user-friendly. Each element is elaborated, has a uniq design and technology behind it.

We always spend a lot of time on design development, that is why it is always modern and in trend.

At the same time we don’t forget to make a qualitative back-end. At the moment, we have been working only with PHP + WordPress but now we gradually switch to other languages and frameworks such as Python + Flask and JS + React + Next.

We want to make our websites more complicated, technological and automated. That is why we always study new technologies and will be glad to empliment them to your new website.