Blender vs 3Ds MAX


A lot of 3D Specialists, especially at the start of their career think what software is the best for work with 3D. There are many good 3D Editors and each of them has it’s advantages and weaknesses. Some of them are good for Animation, other ones for Interior and Exterior Visualisation, others for Industrial Modeling, Parametric modelling or Structural Engineering.

We started our career from Architectural Modeling, that is why we often worked in 3Ds Max, but recently we switched from it to Blender.

The main advantage of 3Ds MAX is compatibility with many ready-to-use libraries what makes it very useful, but if you like to create your own models from scratch, we believe, Blender is a better solution. There are many convenient tools in Blender for quick 3D Modling. Moreover, eveything is connected to convenient hot keys by default. And the third reason of using Blender is that you don’t need to export and import your models many times to switch from modeling to sculpting, from sculpting to retopologing, then to texturing and back to sculpting and so on. The reason is that Blender contains all these tools into one shell.

However, thare are many other great softwares for 3D. Good examples are Rhino with Grasshopper, Fusion 360 and Houdini. All of them are about 3D but for different purposes. Houdini is really good for Motion Design, Fusion 360 is just amazing for Industrial Design, Rhino is great for Architectural and Industrial Modeling and Grasshopper is great for Parametric modeling, where you collect diffirent parameters and can easily adjust your model by adjusting any of the parameters.

So, a correct summary would be that there are not the best software but each software has it’s best area of usage.