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Here you can find our projects in progress, sketches, drawings, articles, thoughts and many other information about our work


Game Development

We like computer games. We work in Unreal Enginee 5 and can make some cool games for you. We can make 3D models, we can animate them, we can connect them with logic in Unreal Enginee and we even can create our own logic for PC games. Please don’t forget, we are experts in programming and 3D, we definitly can help. We can make a whole PC Game or we can make a virtual presentation of your architectural object, an apartment or a building and we are open for any other ideas!

April 14, 2022 Read more



Virtual and Augumented Reality is breaking into our life very quickly and naturaly. Very soon many of your favorite mobile applications will have an analogue in VR or AR. We can help you develop a VR/AR application for your business. We are experts in 3D and programming. This is exactly about us. So, don’t miss your chance and order a VR/AR application for you and your business here at Designeling and we will make it very qualitativly.

April 12, 2022 Read more


3D Printing

3D Printing now is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Now we have access to the most advanced 3D Printers and products they print are almost not different from plastic casting. You can order 3D Printing from us. We print almost any types of 3D Models, here, in Kazakhstan and can ship them to any point of the planet. We also can paint them as well. So, as a final product you will get a plastic toy, statue, or a detail for your invention. We are always ready to make them for you, please contact us to know more details. Please notice, at the moment we are interested only in large batchs of production.

March 14, 2022 Read more


How we develop websites

As for everybody, our main technology is HTML5 and CSS3. We make our websites cross-platform and adaptive to any types of displays with different resolutions. But we don’t stop at this point, we make our websites smooth and animated. We use Java Script for it. Our websites are always bright and user-friendly. Each element is elaborated, has a uniq design and technology behind it. We always spend a lot of time on design development, that is why it is always modern and in trend. At the same time we don’t forget to make a qualitative back-end. At the moment, we have been working only with PHP + WordPress but now we gradually switch to other languages and frameworks such as...

February 28, 2018 Read more


Blender vs 3Ds MAX

A lot of 3D Specialists, especially at the start of their career think what software is the best for work with 3D. There are many good 3D Editors and each of them has it’s advantages and weaknesses. Some of them are good for Animation, other ones for Interior and Exterior Visualisation, others for Industrial Modeling, Parametric modelling or Structural Engineering. We started our career from Architectural Modeling, that is why we often worked in 3Ds Max, but recently we switched from it to Blender. The main advantage of 3Ds MAX is compatibility with many ready-to-use libraries what makes it very useful, but if you like to create your own models from scratch, we believe, Blend...

March 28, 2018 Read more


3Ds MAX Script | Animate objects along splines

We recently developed our own script for 3Ds MAX. It allows you to animate multiple objects along multiple splines with random distances between them, in random order and diffirent speed along paths. It is very useful for cars animation, especially on masterplans, where you don’t see how wheels rotate and spin. In general it is useful for any situation where you need to animate one or many objects many times over many splines. Now it is in free access and soon you can download it from this page. To start using it you need to open 3Ds MAX and to run the script by clicking Scripting -> Run Script on the top bar. Also soon we will upload a tutorial about how to use it. Ther...

May 28, 2018 Read more


3D Animation

Hello. Today I am going to tell you a little bit about 3D Animation processes we work on in our Designeling Studio. Any animation process consists of many different steps, some of them are creative other ones are technical. However, the first thing which you need to determinate is a script. Usually there is a special person who is engaged in scenario development. This person can be either a scenarist or a regular writer, depending on the project and it’s scale. The next thing which the studio should do is creating of a storyboard. Usually a 2D Artist makes it. Then, when a storyboard is ready it is the right time to elaborate the characters ond their designs. To do it y...

July 28, 2018 Read more